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Descent of Francois Niquet
Charlemagne Roi des Francs, Empereur d'Occident

--- 1st Generation ---

Charlemagne Roi des Francs Empereur d'Occident was born on 2 Apr 742.  He was Roi des Francs between 0768 and 0814 at Aachen, Austrasie.  He married Sainte Hildegarde in 771.  He was Empereur d'Occident between 0800 and 0814 at Aachen, Austrasie.  He died on 28 Jan 814 at Aix-la-Chapelle, Aachen, Germany, at age 71.

--- 2nd Generation ---

Bertrade ou Berthe Reine des Francs was born in 719.  She married Pépin Le Bref, Roi des Francs, son of Charles Martel Duc des Francs and Rotrude Reine, in 741.  She was Reine des Francs between 0751 and 0783.  She died in 783.

--- 3rd Generation ---

Caribert (Hardrad ?) Comte de Laon married (Gisèle)?  He died before 721.  He was Comte de Laon between 0743 and 0762 at Laon, Neustrie.

--- 4th Generation ---

Berthe Fondatrice de l'abbaye de Prüm married N de Laon.  She was Fondatrice de L'Abbaye Benedictine on 23 Jun 720 at Prüm.

--- 5th Generation ---

Thierry III Roi de Bourgogne, Roi des Francs married Dode Reine des Francs.  He was Roi de Borgogne in 670 at Bourgogne.  He was Fondateur Bienfaiteur de l'Abbaye Saint-Vaast in 682 at Saint-Vaast d'Arras, Neustrie.  He was Roi des Francs in 690.  He died between 2 Sep 690 and 12 Apr 691.

--- 6th Generation ---

Clovis II Roi des Francs de Neustrie was born in 633 at Neustrie.  He was Roi des Francs de Neustrie between 0640 and 0657 at Neustrie.  He married Bathilde Reine des Francs, Régente between 0649 and 0650 at Neustrie.  He died between Oct 657 and Nov 657 at Neustrie.

--- 7th Generation ---

Dagobert I Roi des Francs married Nantilde Reine des Francs.  He was Roi des Francs between 0629 and 0639.  He died on 16 Jan 639 at St.-Denis, Neustrie; cause de décès: Dysenterie.

--- 8th Generation ---

Clotaire II Roi des Francs married Aldétrude.  He was Roi des Francs between 0613 and 0629.

--- 9th Generation ---

Chilpéric Roi de Soissons was born circa 534 at Neustrie.  He was Roi de Soissons between 0561 and 0584 at Soissons, Neustrie.  He married Frédégonde Reine des Francs de Neustrie in 568 at Neustrie; married Chilpéric after she murdered the previous queen, Galswinthe.  He died in Sep 584 at Neustrie; Assassinated by "a stranger with knives" as he returned from a hunting trip near Paris.

--- 10th Generation ---

Clotaire I Roi de Soissons, Roi des Francs was Roi de Soissons in 511 at Soissons, Neustrie.  He married Ar(n)égonde between 0533 and 0534 at Soissons, Neustrie.  He was Roi des Francs between 0558 and 0561 at Soissons, Neustrie.  He died in 561 at Soissons, Neustrie.

--- 11th Generation ---

Clovis I Roi des Francs was born between 0464 and 0467 at Paris, Neustrie.  He was Roi des Francs between 0481 and 0482.  He married Chrotechildis Clotilde/Rotilde, Rein des Francs in 492.  He died on 27 Nov 511 at Paris, Neustrie.

--- 12th Generation ---

Childeric Roi des Francs was Roi Des Francs; temporarily deposed by Roman General Ægidius, named magister militum per Gallias in [456/57] and who ruled for 8 years. between 0451 and 0457 at Austrasie.  He married Basina in 464 at Austrasie.  He was Roi des Francs; recovered throne from Roman General Ægidius who had ruled for 8 years, 457-465 between 0465 and 0482 at Austrasie.  He died between 0481 and 0482 at Tournai, Austrasie.

--- 13th Generation ---

Mérovée Roi des Francs Saliens was born circa 412.  He was Roi des Francs Saliens between 0448 and 0457.  He died in Jul 457.

--- 14th Generation ---

Clodion Le Chevelu ("The Hairy"), Roi des Francs Saliens between 428 and 450 at Forteresse de Dispargum, Thuringe.  The nickname "The Hairy One" comes from this sentence of Gregory of Tours about the first Frankish kings: "[The Franks] would have created above them in each country and each city kings of hair belonging to the first and, for so to say, to the noblest family of their race. " Clodion would thus be the hairy king of the fortress of Dispargum.  He died in 450.


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